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Title: Spies on the Sidelines: The High-Stakes World of NFL Espionage

Author: Kevin Bryant


Format: Hardback

ISBN-10: 1538166372 

ISBN-13: 9781538166376

Edition: 1st

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Copyright: 2022

Page Count: 272

Available from: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Chegg, Rowman & Littlefield, and more. 

Format: EBook

ISBN: 1538166372

Available from: Rowman & Littlefield and Amazon. 


To request an e-copy of Spies on the Sidelines click HERE and then click on eExam copies.


Guest speaker at Cal St. Dominguez Hills

To help increase class participation and interest, Kevin would be honored to be a guest lecturer as his schedule allows. He has already done this for Cal. St. Dominguez Hills and New York University.  Kevin has a M.S. in Sports Management, a M.A. in Intelligence Studies, and over two decades of experience collecting and protecting information for the Department of Defense. 

Spies on the Sidelines makes an excellent case study to pair with a traditional text book for the following fields of study:

-Business Management

     Bus. Law (intellectual property)

     Ethics in Business

     Intellectual Property


-Intelligence Studies

     Corporate Espionage


     Sports law (intellectual property)

     Intellectual property

-Security Management

     Information Security

     Industrial Espionage

-Sports Management

     Ethics in Sports

     Foundations of S.M. (ethics)


Click here to listen to my 27 Oct 2022 interview  with the Trine Center for Sports Studies 


Kevin Bryant’s Spies on the Sidelines is the single most revealing book about espionage in professional sports.


—Brian Hooper, Former Associate Director for WMD Terrorism Threats, U.S. Department of State; President, Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) Atlanta; Principal and Managing Litigation Attorney of The Hooper Firm LLC

Sports story or true crime story? Kevin Bryant nails it. It’s both. Professional football is actually just a big business. Profits rise on wins and fall on losses. As in any business, spying for competitive advantage is—in the end—about stealing money. With incidences compiled and documented in a fascinating read, the true scope of espionage materializes. Football is definitely not ‘only a game.’


— Kevin D. Murray, corporate counterespionage specialist, technical surveillance countermeasures consultant for NFL teams

[Spies on the Sidelines] is a well-researched examination of the measures taken by professional sports organizations, in this case some teams in the NFL, to achieve success commercially and on the field. In doing so, Kevin Bryant has opened possibilities and interest of similar work relating to high-value sports, an under-researched area.

— M.Hanif Majothi, assistant professor of intelligence studies, University of North Georgia

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